How much do you know about your government?

*Please note that some questions are only applicable to Brossard residents.

Federal Government

  • Head of State: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
  • • The name of the representative of the Queen of Canada, the Governor General, is Ms Mary Simon.
  • The Head of Government, the Prime Minister, is Mr. Justin Trudeau.
  • The name of the political party in power is the Liberal Party of Canada.
  • The name of the Leader of the Opposition is Mr. Erin O’Toole.
  • The name of the party representing Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition is the Conservative Party of Canada, CPC.
  • The names of the other opposition parties and leaders are:
    • The New Democratic Party (Canada), Mr. Jagmeet Singh
  • *My member of Parliament (MP) in Ottawa is Ms. Alexandra Mendès.
  • *My federal electoral district is called Brossard-La Prairie.

Provincial Government

  • The representative of the Queen in my province, the Lieutenant Governor, is the Honorable Michel Doyon.
  • The Head of the Government (the Premier) is Mr. François Legault.
  • The name of the provincial party in power is the Coalition Avenir Québec.
  • The names of the provincial opposition parties and leaders are:
    • Parti libéral du Québec, PLQ Ms. Dominique Anglade
    • Parti québécois, PQ Mr. Paul Saint-Pierre-Plamondon
  • *My provincial representative is Mr. Gaétan Barrette.

Municipal Government

  • *The name of the municipality where I live is the city of Brossard.
  • *The name of the head of the municipal government (the mayor) is Ms. Doreen Assaad.