The Woefield Poultry Collective

Susan Juby

This is a very fun and light comedy about a young woman from Brooklyn who inherest a barren farm in British-Columbia. Full of energy and high hopes, she gathers around her a bunch of misfits. Humourous situations occur. You are sure to chuckle and cheer for them.

Come Thou, Tortoise

Jessica Grant

This is an enjoyable romp and very fun reading experience. You will meet Audrey, aka Oddly, who returns home to Newfoudland to come to her father’s side. She leaves behind her tortoise (who narrates some of the chapters).

I Feel Bad About my Neck : And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman

I-feel-badNora Ephron

Series of funny and bittersweet essays by the author of When Harry Met Sally. Nora Ephron depicts her life in New York with a great sense of humour and through it all reflects on her aging body and what it means for a woman to get old.

Then We Came to the End

then_came_endJoshua Ferris

The remaining employees at an office affected by a business downturn spend their time enjoying secret romances, elaborate pranks, and frequent coffee breaks, while trying to make sense of their only remaining « work, » a mysterious pro-bono ad campaign.[NoveList]

A Dirty Job

dirty_jobChristopher Moore

Charlie Asher, a neurotic and anxious hypochondriac who hates change, confronts the challenges of being a widower and a single parent when his wife dies of a freak medical condition on the day his new daughter, Sophie, is born. [NoveList]


nakedDavid Sedaris

Sedaris has fashioned a funny memoir of his wonderfully offbeat life. To call his family « dysfunctional » would be enormous understatement and beside the point; Sedaris’s relatives and other companions become vital characters on the page. We see his mother serving drinks to the string of teachers who want to discuss her son’s compulsions to lick light switches and make high-pitched noises. We travel with Sedaris and his quadriplegic hitchhiking companion, listen to his foul-mouthed seat mate on a long bus trip, and accompany the author on a hilariously self-conscious visit to a nudist colony. Sedaris’s humor is wickedly irreverent but not mean. Traveling with him is well worth it for the laughs and his generous human sensibility. (Library Journal)